Stay tuned (Alma V)

I have decided to ustream very soon to talk about the Alma V project. My original plan was to play snippets of the album live. Today, I decided to test out the audio and it was very crappy. In a sense you dont get the true feel of what the tracks really sound like- So I decided not to represent myself in that way.

Here is an update:
I am still willing to ustream and talk about the album. Date and time is still unavailable so I will keep you all posted on my Facebook music page. As far as the audio goes I will post up some snippets of the album on my music page for about 3-4 days so you all can get a feel of the music. After the 3rd or 4th day (not sure yet), I will be taking the tracks down and going live on ustream to talk and answer questions, if you guys have any, about the debut album. Will also be revealing track titles LIVE.......

Please stay tuned and I wanna say THANK YOU to each and everyone that supports Alma V and Avamusicproductions! You guys ROCK!



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