7 months post!!!! Focused on going All the way!

Cant begin to express how happy I am with this transition. Love how much my hair has grown since I did my mini chop on July 12. I really must thank Hairfinity for a lot of my hair progress. The thickness and gaining length like crazy is amazing to me.

Keep in mind that I snipped here and there a couple of times after I did my mini chop only because I wanted to inspire myself to go for the BC. No luck yet. I must wait it out some more. WOW. I still remember that I could not go beyond 8 weeks without relaxing my hair- to now be at 7 months is so amazing to me. Some of you ladies that are like 10 thousand months post (lil jokie joke) are probably like "7 months? Big deal"- but honestly to me it really is. I am so happy and needed to document it on my blog!!!!

Here I am the day of my mini chop back in July:

Here I am today: 9-14-11 (7months post)
I gotta keep this up! I thank anyone that has inspired me on this journey. Mainly my big sister Liz- who has been my main inspiration since I was a child besides my mother.

Oh, the excitement that I am feeling right now. I am sooo in love with my hair. I take care of it all the time.I cant believe how careless I used to be with my hair before being on this hair journey. I am so happy I decided to step it up and do all the research that I needed to do to keep my hair beautiful and healthy!!

I cant stress how happy and satisfied I am as a consumer of Hairfinity supplements. Those pills are heaven sent. I have never experienced any side effects or break outs from these supplements. I thank the lord. My crazy behind would probably still take them anyway. Note: some people do break out from the supplement due to the fact they are allergic to biotin. 

I am realistically thinking that I may go another 7-8 months before I finally big chop! I cant wait. Will keep an update on my progress........

God bless


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