7 months post (texture shots)

 Currently 7 months post (transitioning phase). This transition, while I do have my moments of mild frustrations, I am pretty much enjoying and gathering more information along the way.

I have not changed any of my products so my hair care regimen is still the same and very very simple. So many people are anxious to finally see me big chop. I am not focusing on that any longer, I will only focus on maintaining my hair in a healthy state and taking it from there.

Yesterday I received a mail that was not at all flattering to me. Someone one (who is also transitioning) asked me if I was mixed with anything because my hair is "too pretty" for me to be all black. I was not flattered at all, I was more offended than anything else. People need to understand that hair texture does not, I repeat, does not come from race alone. I have seen a lot of Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, and other Spanish people with very kinky hair! That itself points out to me that it is NOT a race thing. Then, on the other hand, I have seen black women that are not mixed with finer texture hair than mine. I would love for people to finally be open minded when it comes to the whole race card. If my hair is the way that it is its because of my genetics- How my father and mother's hair is textured, not because I am Latina. OK, whoooo caught myself venting a little. I think that for anyone to have a very successful transition they must be opened to the idea that after applying relaxers in their hair for so long, one does not know what type of hair they will wind up with at the end of the transition.I know I was confused for a long time because I could not remember my hair texture when I was fully natural. I also cant depend on how my hair used to be as a child because hair texture tends to change once you get older. I told myself that I would embrace my texture no matter how curly, kinky or wavy it would be. When you set your mind in such way, you do not set yourself up for disappointments. But if your main focus is "I am going natural because *name* hair is so beautiful and I think my hair may be that same texture", then guess what, you might wind up slapping that relaxer on your head once again when you see that your texture is no where near what you thought it would be. I have also seen a lot of women in hair forums claim "hair idols". All I do is literally shake my head. Having hair idols is also a set up to be disappointed in the end when you see that your hair will NEVER be like those that you idolize. Me personally, I have no hair idols. I idolize only what God has placed on MY head. He gave me this particular texture for a reason and I will love and embrace each and every strand that grows out of my scalp!!

Till this day I honestly believe that every hair type is beautiful and unique in its own way. I always catch myself searching natural Youtube videos and I am always in awe. I am not focused much on my hair type but on the overall health of my hair, which is the number 1 reason why I decided to go natural!!!

I advice anyone to learn your own personal reason on why you are going natural. Let this not be a "movement" or something that you feel is a trend and so you want to join in on the march! I am NOT a part of any movement nor do I want to chant "black power". Its only hair, and it does not define me or my true intentions in life.

So anxious to see what awaits me in the proceeding months! :)
Will keep updating.


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