Best method for washing my transitioning hair!!

After searching and watching a lot of YouTube videos, I came across a method that I have been wanting to try for months now. I finally got to it today. I am so happy and excited because this particular method has helped my hair to not tangle (not even one bit) after washing my hair.

I used to wash my hair regularly (pulled back)- never parted it in sections or anything. This would make the crown of my head get a tad bit tangle. Today I decided to wash my hair in two sections and braided the ends! BEST METHOD EVER! My hair was not tangled one bit! I was so alarmed- Once my hair was fully dry and I combed it to cornrow it and style for braid out- there was absolutely NO HAIR in the comb! NONE! The comb simply glided right through without a problem. I am so very happy to have learned about this method- I mean, I always knew about it, just never really payed any mind to it. I have contemplated on giving it a try before but would always shrug my shoulders at the thought of washing my hair in sections, so it never happened until today!

Here is a shot a little after washing my hair:
 This is my new method- I absolutely love it!
By the way I am currently 30 weeks post today and counting. The more new growth sets in the easier this transition becomes! Very excited. I wanna thank all those that are following my progress via my YouTube channel as well as my Facebook page. Its awesome to have you all a part of my hair journey.

Stay blessed- will keep you all updated.

Note: Yesterday I did a very light trim on my hair! I needed it. I figured that I need to maintain my hair at my current length because the minute that it grows an inch or two- the textures become so much harder to manage. If you want to take a glimpse at how much I cut visit my FB page: It was not much- only a light trim.

Again, Thank you all :)


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