8 1/2 months post (Let me just say.......)

So many people have been telling me to cut my relaxed ends already. Always asking me, "why are you holding on to those straight ends?" or "your natural texture is so beautiful, why don't you just go ahead and be natural already?" My response? "dammit! I'm not ready yet" and with great reasons too.

Okay, let me break it down for some of "y'all". What may appear to be "omg long length" truly isn't!  The main reason why my natural hair looks a bit longer than what it really is- its only because I still have relaxed ends hanging on to it so its weighing my hair down a bit. Lets just say I decide to BC now at 8 1/2 months post, guess what? I'm gonna have a straight up TWA! Trust me! Once I clip off my relaxed ends the following will happen--- my natural hair (since it is curly) will curl up and after it dries up it will cause major shrinkage....which will leave me at a very uncomfortable length for me or at least at a length that I am not used to or have never experienced before in life.............So am I willing to take that risk? Um, I think not :)

I'm patient enough to just wait it out (I think Lol). I feel that as long as my hair is overall healthy, then there should be absolutely no reason for why I need to be cutting my hair like a manic! My hair right now is healthy- all I need to do is wait for these 10 months to fly by and then....CHOP!

This is my hair washed without brushing it :

I believe this picture gives people an idea of what my hair would really look like if I was too chop now!
I can clearly see how much of my relaxed ends I would have to chop off in order for me to be all natural at this point- and again, I'm not ready for that just yet.

Here is a pic of my wet hair brushed down:

This picture is a bit more deceiving! It makes it look like I have way less relaxed ends to clip off- but this is clearly not the case!

Lets take a little peek at the side view of my hair:

Oh Boy! Now imagine that!!! LOL......definitely not the length for me. I'm sorry babies but really short hair is not, and will never be my thing :/
But on a very positive note- check out how MUCH thicker my natural hair is compared to my relaxed ends! Amazing!

and last but not least- I just want to say that I am a "texture shot whore" YES!!! I said it! I love taking texture shots pics, it motivates me to keep it going and it reminds me everyday of why I am oh so excited to be all natural once again!

I honestly really do LOVE MY HAIR!!! Lets continue to grow successfully. I always pray to God that I don't experience any major setbacks with my transition! So far, so good- and only hoping and praying that it continues to be this way throughout the rest of my transition.

I want to thank everyone that is supporting me on my hair journey- it really means a lot! Love you all


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