8 Months post (CHECK)

So proud of myself for even making it this long! Every month to me is an achievement- Who would have thought that the girl that could not go beyond 8 weeks to relax is now 8 months post relaxer. Amazing what one can do when they set their mind on something! Im loving every single moment of it!!! I must confess, I have an obsession with wash days- I get to see all my new growth--- Love when I brush my hair and I see all those waves--

This hair journey is seriously worse than crack- Im so addicted. I was looking back at a few pictures of when I was relaxing my hair, and while my hair was never damaged or unhealthy- the things that I used to do to that hair makes me go "EEEKKKK". 

Just to think that now I am always looking forward to wash days when before I used to hate having to wash my hair is a complete turn around. I also suffered from yucky dandruff! No matter what treatments I used to put in my hair, did not matter if I had finished washing my hair, the dandruff was always on attack mode! Today I don't suffer from that, and I am pleased to not be going through the embarrassing moments that those white flakes used to cause me when I was in public.

Today was a shampoo wash day for me! I shampooed my hair with V05 moisture shampoo and I love how this product does not strip my hair. I did pre-poo with EVOO but even when I don't feel like pre-pooing, this shampoo does not strip my hair like the ORS shampoo. I also do my protein treatment once a month. Today was one of those days- I decided to apply the ORS Mayonnaise deep conditioner. My hair was in need of protein. I am also doing a BTR after I wash out my DC and proceed to then moisturize and do my regular steps when I wash or co-wash my hair.

Still anticipating the two digit number months, 10 months and beyond! I am super close and have an idea around what month I will be doing my Big Chop! I cant wait- but doing this transition was a must because it has allowed me to get to know my natural hair as it grew. I have done my trial and errors and know what my natural hair likes and does not like, so Im prepared to go in full force once Im 100%. Had I Big chopped earlier, I would have absolutely no idea what to do with my natural hair. It would have been too much for me, too soon-
Anyone that is transitioning or is planning to transition my advice is to be patient and get to know your hair. Dont focus much on how others have achieved their goal because everyone's experience is never the same, even if the textures are very similar. Always ask yourself, in moments of frustration, why you have decided to go natural and stick to it. Also, dont focus too much on hair typing your hair- I have seen women who have transitioned and their texture completely changes once they cut off all the relaxed ends- so if you are expecting to get a certain texture and then wind up with something else once you are fully natural, you may be disappointed- so I say dont focus on hair type- focus on overall health.

I will be doing a texture shot post every 2-3 months from now on! See you all at month 10!! cant wait!!!


  1. like i said b4, cut those damn tips.ur hair looks really nice

  2. Lmao- Loka, Im not ready yet *bites nails* I already have a set date when Im gonna chop it all off ;) so, dont worry, it will happen!


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