My fake Blowout! (NO Heat)

Currently 8 months and 2 1/2 weeks post relaxer! I'm loving this fake blowout.... Its wonderful how I have been able to dodge my blow dryer and flat iron! Haven't even looked at those tools in over 8 months. Is it safe for me to say that I don't miss those hot tools? Well, I DON'T MISS THEM.

Here is how I achieved this simple look without the usage of a blow dryer- its so simple, its criminal. Here it goes:

Yesterday I co-washed my hair in two sections-after having co-washed my hair I proceeded to air dry my hair (scarf method) while it was still sectioned into two and braided up. I had my scarf on until this AM, before I decided to moisturize my hair with Motions hair lotion. After undoing my braids I proceeded to moisturize my hair and brush it with what appears to be a Denman brush (which is not, I bought one just like it at the 99 cents store and believe me it works the best in my hair). With the first stroke of the "Denman" brush I saw how it looked like a blowout style but I was still very unsure since the other side was still braided up. After having done the previous on both sides- I noticed how much it resembled a blowout! Do keep in mind that I am transitioning, so maybe that helped a lot in achieving this look--  I wonder if I will be able to pull this off once all of my hair is in its natural state.

Here is the ONLY product and tool that I used:
 This is my very first time using this moisturizing lotion- so far so good :)
So, there you have it- My fake blowout. Now didn't I say this was very simple? And just like that *snaps fingers* I achieved this blowout look with NO HEAT whatsoever!!!


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