That mid section is the "DEVIL"

While my transition is going better than I would have ever expected, it just seems that my mid section is just being super rebelious! Its so hard to manage- I moisturize it, I seal it with my favorite oils, I baby this section like no other but it still does what it wants to do when it wants to!! I have noticed that my texture in that section is nothing like the rest of my hair! Its more coarse, tight, and tends to dry up very quickly!!! ---

Today I "think" that I came up with a solution :) Being that the mid section is often hidden within our hair styles, buns in my case, its harder to get to and maintain. I have decided to section my hair off in two and keep it this way for styling! Its much easier for me to get to and see and feel when it needs extra moisture. I may be protecting my hair in a wig because, ofcourse I refuse to step out my house with my hair looking this way-----

I will give an update on whether this has helped me in the long run or should I just give in and allow my mid section to whip me real good until I am 100% natural! Hmmmm---- but I refuse to give up or lose so lets see what happens!!

Here is how Im planning to keep it so I can manage my mid section a bit more!

Note: I am updating my blog via my iphone so please excuse any typos or any kind of mess that you may encounter while reading this post----thanks! Im too lazy to proof read right now! Lol


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