9 months post (CHECK)

Last time I blogged and had texture shots ( at 8 months post) I said I will "texture shot" blog at 10 months post, but I have since changed my mind. I would like to see my progress on a month to month basis. Its motivating and exciting and I promise you that I cant wait to look back at my blog and say. "wow-".

I am super happy that I have made it this far- Today was a shampoo wash day and protein treatment day. I love to co-wash so when my shampoo days arrive I'm not as thrilled to wash my hair because the shampoo strips my hair a bit and makes it a bit "hard" and dry. But today I decided to do something different ;)- Today I applied my conditioner before applying the shampoo. I made sure to leave some of the conditioner in my hair to see if it would make a difference. Did it make a difference? YES! My hair felt so soft. Didn't feel like I was shampoo washing my hair at all! I'm definitely going to stick to that method from now on. My hair felt so soft that I kept massaging my scalp while shampooing my hair--

Here is a peek at my hair at 9 months post:

I have said this before but I will say it again, I am loving this journey! Really enjoying every minute of this transition----


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