Almost a year later!!!! My hair has come a long way!!!

Last year, late November- my hair fell out! Allow me to repeat this story once again! My hair has ALWAYS been in my mother's care. I have never in my life allowed anyone to style my hair, relax my hair or even play in my hair except for my mother who has been a certified beautician even before I was born.

Growing up I always had a good amount of hair on my head- my hair was never short because my mother was always caring for it and nourishing it! Last year my husband and I moved away- very far away from my mother. I always paid much attention to my mother whenever she was doing hair so I always had an idea on how to do hair- but, I was way to lazy to even want to try and be my own hair stylist. First thing's first, when we moved my main concern was who will be caring for my hair now that my mother is so far away? I was worried a bit because I have always heard a few horror salon stories and always felt lucky to have a mom that did it all in that field! But, I still decided to just walk in any ol' salon and get my hair done. From the minute that woman touched my hair I knew my hair would not be the same once I stepped out of her salon-- and boy, was I right! I just had a gut feeling and it did not help that she did all these horrid things to my hair-- things that my mom would always consider a "no, no".

I allowed my hair to be fully done- a few days later, I went to another salon to get a simple washing set. As the lady was washing my hair she whispered and told me, "Mami, your hair is falling out". I shrugged my shoulders thinking that she meant my hair was falling out because of my normal shedding So I "says" to her "oh no, don't worry- my hair is ALWAYS falling out"-- She assured me once again that this was not a normal hair shed that I was experiencing that my hair was in fact literally falling out. Then, here comes my husband to try and check things out- he whispers to her and says, "please don't show my wife her hair". When I heard him saying this I was curious to know what it was that they were whispering about and turned around. As I sat in the chair preparing for my hair to get done all I saw was a HUGE amount of hair on the floor. I didn't react right away because I never experienced having my hair fall out. But the more this woman detangled my hair, the more it kept falling out. I wanted to cry, but I didn't because I don't like to show my feelings in public. Everyone around me getting their hair done just turned to me in disbelief and kept saying things like "awwww" or "I'm sorry this has happened to you"- that, of course did not make me feel any better!!! I did, somehow, find it in me to keep a positive attitude. I felt like what was done was done and there was no other way to recover from this other than trying to restore and repair my hair back to health! I did just that as I walked out of the salon. I told my husband to take me to the nearest Beauty Supply Store. Once we arrived, I had no idea or clue on what I needed to get so I just grabbed any product that sounded like it would do good by my hair.

I started to Google more information about how to properly care for your hair and I also made sure to educate myself via YouTube videos. There I also got a reference to a site ( that I cant live without)- HAIRLISTA! I have learned so much and have gotten so much love and support in my hair journey.

Let me fast FWD a little. After having somewhat repaired my hair I decided to self relax my hair. I got into texlaxing my hair so I can get the thickness that I once had before this horrible incident. My self relaxing went well- I loved it and was so proud of myself for having done it on my own! I soon began to get a bit frustrated, because I felt like no matter what I was doing to my hair- it was getting longer but the thickness and volume that I once had just seem to be an almost impossible goal to achieve.

So here is my hair before the "Fall out":

So thick and beautiful (thanks to my mother)- I was still relaxing my hair by this time, every 8 weeks!

Here is the pic the very day that my hair fell out!!!: (Bummer) 

All I can say when I look at this picture is "EEEEK"-Goodness look at how dry my hair was and how dead my ends were- Just horrible. My number once supporter during this phase was my husband! I thank him so much for all his support and his kinds words to me that very day! Don't know how I would have felt without him by my side!

Again, allow me to fast fwd---------
On March 2, 2011 I self relaxed my hair! This time I did not buy a texturizer to texlax my hair because they were all out at the BSS that I usually go to. So I grabbed the "Just for me" relaxer thinking that it would be OK since this is a "kiddie relaxer". All went well, like the last time. I was very satisfied with my results and hair!

Lets take a look at that day:

I loved my hair but was still not 100% satisfied with my results--- I just felt like my hair was gaining its length but not the volume.......and as the weeks proceeded things just took a toll for the worst. After believing that this relaxer had gone perfectly fine, my hair started to thin out and break. Particularly in the middle. I had a "hole".  Then I came across these hair supplements, Hairfinity. I did my research on it and was very pleased with consumer's reviews. I wanted to give it a try but hesitated a little because I HATE pills! I honestly do. Before actually giving these supplements a try I was not taking any form of vitamins (pill form). I thought to myself, "hmmmm, hair supplements? Since when?" I felt almost silly thinkig about wanting to take supplements for my hair. After much hesitation I made my first purchase just to give it a try. It was one of the best decisions that I have made as far as my hair goes. My hair was getting thicker again and longer- I was so pleased with the product!!

Here was my hairfinity results in June 2011:

After taking this picture and seeing the results in my hair I was so pleased and excited! I texted it to my family and friends so they can see my progress and note my excitement. But something inside of me was still not 100% satisfied. I then thought to myself if my hair can be long and thick being relaxed I wonder how much better my hair would do if I transition back to natural. I remember how super thick my hair was as a child when I was all natural. I kept having flash backs! My hair was so thick- I used to be embarrassed as a child in school because when my mom had my hair out I thought it made my hair look wild- and none of the other Spanish girls in my class had my hair type. Now that I am an adult I see it from a whole different point of view. I mean, who in the world does not want thick hair? Hmmmmm? I asked the question, now you answer! lol......

I didn't back then but I do now! It was those very same thoughts that got me looking into wanting to go natural. A few days later I officially decided to transition. I was excited thinking this would fly by so quick- but still till this day I am in my transitioning phase!

Did my mini chop back in July 2011- That was the shortest my hair has ever been my whole entire life. I thought I would feel a bit insecure but after having chopped off my hair I fell in love with the cut instantly!!

I am still loving this cut! Don't regret cutting my hair at all!!!---
Another Fast forward..........

Here is my hair recently! I think I am doing a great job at transitioning and maintaining healthy hair!!

Im loving and finally appreciating how thick and full my hair is looking! I have definitely come a long way and still have a long way to go. One thing that I used to do that I will never do again, is take my hair for granted! I'm still anxious to see what awaits me in the future for my hair- Want to care for my hair as much as possible to retain length and achieve lengths that I haven't before!!! Right now it is only the beginning.......and boy, what a journey it was been so far----

My advice to every person on a hair journey is be patient! You can and will achieve your hair goals- in the meantime, educate yourself and never give up on doing your own research! And last but not least, GOOD LUCK to all-----


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Your hair is absolutely GORGEOUS :)

  2. Ms. Tai Nycole I thank you. And thank you for taking the time to read my story!!!

  3. This is such a wonderful and inspiring story. I just started my transition in October. It's so funny that I did the exact same chop when I decided to transition, which was just a few days after my last relaxer. I was almost MBL and chopped to shoulder length. I thought I would have cutting remorse, but I adore it. It is pure freedom and now I can't go back to my usual protective styling cause it looks so good big and curly. LOL I hope when I eventually do the BC I will feel the same. Thanks so much for sharing your journey!

  4. Thanks a lot for reading my story :) Have a very happy and blessed New Year!


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