I almost big chopped!!

Yesterday was my regular wash day- I always love wash days because I get to see more of my new growth as the weeks goes by.----

Something about yesterday's wash day kept bothering me. I could not pin point it at the time but I just kept staring at my hair, almost analyzing every strand. I then took pics of my hair before and after my wash. Looking at my hair before my co-wash made me feel good and accomplished because a year ago my hair was super thin (like never before)---- So I was happy :) But when I took shots of my wet hair, I became anxious once again. I kept asking myself, "why dont you just go ahead and BC?". I gave it some thought and even stared at my scissors just contemplating on whether or not it was time.

While I gave it some thought I did keep in mind that if I do proceed to BC, once my hair is completely dry I will have MAJOR shrinkage. So, again, I was confused. I called my husband and asked him what he thought about it--- He told me to go ahead and do it if that's what I really want to do! And just when I felt the courage to go ahead and be done with these two textures he said something that brought me back to my senses--- He says to me, "If you have been thinking about it and asking me questions about whether or not you should do it, maybe its not the right time just yet". He continued, "when the right times comes around you will just chop it all off without any hesitation". I agree. Why do I have to question myself if it felt so right? Why must I pace back and forth to make sure that if I do it I have made the right decision? Thats when I knew that it simply wasn't time :/

I was a bit disappointed because I then had long conversations with him about why Im so afraid to BC early. Let me just say this- if you Big chopped your hair early and was not into "long term transitioning", I respect you. Takes a whole lot of courage to just go ahead and say, 'whatever, its just hair- that thing will grow back"-- Much props and respect to you ladies cause I still cant do it at 9 months post!!!!!!

This picture was what made me get to thinking! I mean, I dont have that much relaxed ends hanging on- my hair is short already after having mini chopped in July. So why am I trippin?---

Wow! I really almost Big Chopped!!!


  1. Did you ever think about just cutting your hair down to right under the relaxed part?? Or is that what you're afraid of? I think you have enough natural hair so that you don't have to have a TWA. Congrats on your journey =)

  2. Yes MissAshDG - those are my plans exactly! To cut off my relaxed ends and not go beyond that. What am I afraid of? Rocking a TWA. I know it does look like I have enough growth to not be in the TWA phase but Im sure it will be a TWA. Simply because once you cut off the relaxed ends- my hair is going to curl up and shrink once its dry. So what seems like a decent length now- is only because my relaxed ends are hanging on and weighing my hair down. I have seen a lot of YouTube videos where they are doing their Big Chop and it seems like they have all this new growth but when they finally are finished cutting- its shorter than what it seemed. So I will wait it out just to be on the safe side (lol)- and thank you ;)


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