The joys of being Natural

After finally doing the big chop after 9 months of transition, all I can say is that I am so happy that I ended my transition when I did! I am truly in love with my natural hair. No regrets and in no rush to want to grow my hair out quick. I am enjoying my short hair. Never thought I would ever say this but I am------

I have read many blogs and even saw a lot of YouTube videos where some women regret their chop or complain of their short hair after doing the big chop. I honestly think that everyone should go at their own pace, do things that they know they will feel comfortable with.  Before doing my Big chop I researched a lot--- I looked at TWA's in all different stages- Some really really short, others in between and others just a few inches from no longer being a TWA! I always knew which stage I wanted to be in and once I saw that I had enough hair to do a puff I felt like it was time.

I grew tired of transitioning. It was no longer fun to me--- Buns were a bore and I hated the two textures every single time I washed my hair. I could not wait to get rid of the relaxed ends. I also wanted to end my transition because I did not want to take any chances on potentially damaging all my new growth that I had worked so hard to retain. It was the best decision EVER!!

I currently love doing wash & go's and enjoy the heck out of doing puffs! My natural curls, I LOVE!! I know they say, "Never say never" but I can honestly say that I will NEVER go back to relaxers. My natural hair has not given me any problems in this whole week of being all natural--- Detangling is truly a breeze now, and my hair is full and thick. Oh, the joys of being a natural (for me).

I, in no way shape or form, am against relaxers. I cant stress that enough. Some people go natural and their whole attitude changes towards people that CHOOSE to relax their hair. I say, do what works for you. If relaxing your hair gives you much joy and you are able to keep up with your relaxed hair to where it is healthy, long and strong---- its your choice as to whether or not you want to continue to relax or not. I don't try to "convince" anyone that natural is the way to go. It just so happens that for me relaxers where no longer working for me, I was no longer happy with my relaxed hair so I made this decision and stuck it out. Now I'm just feeling happy and truly blessed.

I thank everyone that keep showing me their love and support- it means a lot.

Right after going natural I started to invent new things with my new hair. I needed to know if my old products would still work for my hair. The very first day- none of them wanted to do what they used to do and that made me panic a little because I love all my hair products and did not feel like changing things up and trying new products to see what would work and what wouldn't work for my hair. Come to find out when you first do your big chop your hair is a bit in shock from the cut and it takes some time to readjust itself. I was happy to learn that. After a couple of days I gave my products one more try and they all still work perfectly!!

Here is my first Natural hair video:

I Love this stretch method because natural hair shrinks up a whole lot and that does not allow you to see or even enjoy your true hair length.

Here is another way to do your puff! I did this after doing a WNG with Eco styler. The results are marvelous and defines my curls perfectly!

I'm still planning to get creative with my hair- for now, since I'm so new to all of this, I will stick to my puffs or wash and go's. I still do not plan on using heat in my hair. If I do a length check I will just stretch my hair out to see where it all falls. Heat for now is not on my to-do list.

Again, I thank you all for supporting my blog and my FB page. Thank you for following my journey and being so very supportive- I love you all :)


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