Length check #1

Im loving loving loving my hair journey. I pray that the lord continues to bless my hair and keep it away from harms way (like the lady that made my hair fall out a yr ago---eeek).

Im very content with my results and hair techniques that I use for my hair. I am still 9 months post relaxer and 9 months completely HEAT FREE (I believe this has helped my hair tremendously- that, hairfinity, and my hair care regimen).

Only 1 week and 3 days after my big chop I decided to do my first official length check!!

Here it is:
All I can say is, "WHOOO!!! The power of shrinkage baby" Oh my!

Anyway, Im very thankful that everything is going smooth so far. I believe that GOD has a lot to do with all of my life's success (including my hair)---- So I will continue to place all of me in his hands for more guidance! I love him and Im also loving my hair :)
Note: click on the picture to view actual size and written details!


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