6 Months Natural (Hair)!!!!

Its been a journey.....I can honestly say that much! But very well worth experiencing! Ive learned so much along these 6 months and still am learning much on how to care and manage my natural hair. One thing I never forget is to praise the Lord for all that he has given me and also taken away! I feel like I cant ever be successful without having God by my side or asking for his approval and guidance- and that includes my hair journey as well.

I love creating new styles for my hair, I think that's the most fun part of this journey because with my relaxed hair I always wore it straight. Every one has been extremely supportive and I thank God for that! I also thank the lord that I have not come to that point where I feel my hair is boring nor have I experienced anyone look at me in weird ways or give me negative comments about my natural hair--- Nothing but love and support!Thank you Jesus.

Looking back on my relaxer days, I would have never guessed that I would ever even consider going back to natural! I never really desired natural hair and that was because of my lack of knowledge and understanding on what my hair was like before relaxers. My first relaxer was done at age 8! And although I have plenty of childhood pictures I still did not desire to rock my natural hair. My mother always kept my hair braided when I was a child (not with extensions but with my own natural hair) or she would twist it in what I would always call 'Dookie braids" so I was always afraid that my natural hair was only designed to rock these styles that I really did not care for! Little did I know..............

Ive done wash and go's, braid outs, twists, twist outs, mini twists, mini twist outs, puff, side puff and the list kinda goes on (lol). I still pray to God that my hair continues to do as good as it has in these six months! And to all those considering to go back to their natural hair- I say go for it! DON'T BE AFRAID!!! Hair GROWS, and it will grow right back! That's what it is designed to do anyway ;) Most importantly GOOD LUCK on your hair and life journey! <3

Nov.19. 2011 (Day of my BIG CHOP)

May 19.2012 (Six Months later comparison)

May 19.2012 (6 months Naturalverssary)

Feeling Blessed <3


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