My perfect twist out (so far)

I am still on my 3 months protective style challenge! But after 5 days of having twists in my hair I got bored :/ *Whomp-Whomp* I should've known this since I love to switch up my hairstyles. I was hoping to make my twists last for as long as possible (maybe 2 weeks or so). My twists were looking very silky, shinny, and felt really soft- but my anxiety kicked in and I could not stand one more day with them installed. 

My plans are to twist my hair Sundays, rock them for 5 days, and enjoy my loose hair for 2 days (twist out style/low manipulation style). So, in this challenge I will rock loose hair for 2 days in 1 week and still laying off my wash and go's. Will update if I add any other changes to my challenge :)

Products used:
Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque (for twisting)
Shea Moisture Curl enhancing smoothie (every other day to refresh my twists after spritzing my ends with a water for added moisture and shine)


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