R.I.P Wash & GO- ( 3 Months Protective Style Challenge)

Yesterday I began my 3 months protective style challenge.I have decided to lay my wash and go's to rest (for now). I am not saying that wash and go's have ever given my hair any negative effects but now that my hair is getting longer I want to ensure that I retain most of my length, if all isn't possible. The only way for me to do this is by challenging myself for 3 months and see if there is really a noticeable difference in hair growth retention. I am still 100% heat free- I have absolutely no desire to add heat to my hair or to straighten it just to see its true length.My goal with my natural hair is to see its real health and growth potential.

Also, by doing this protective style challenge I will not only give my hair a break from being managed every 5-6 days or even a week, I am also giving myself a break ( a much needed one)- My hair is thick and requires much time to do my hair with proper care.Rushing while I am doing my hair is not on my "To-DO" list. On my hair days I take my time and make sure that I am as gentle as possible with it. I like to call it my "hair spa day".

My protective style of choice that I will be installing for 3 months will be two strand twists. My goal is to have them installed for as long as they still look neat and presentable. I will be refreshing my twists maybe 2-3 weeks at a time. Nightly and daily moisturizing will be taking place as well as oiling my scalp with JBCO or my Doo Gro oil.

Its as simple as that- I must admit, I am already missing my WnG and its only been day 1 of my challenge- But I can and will do it because once I have my mind made up, I go full force to get what I want to achieve- and this time is no different from the others ;)

        12 weeks hair growth  difference!


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