2 Years Post Relaxer (Relaxer-Free)

March 2, 2013 I celebrated 2 years since my last relaxer! I can't even begin to express how happy and excited I am to have made the decision to return back to my Natural roots! Im loving the journey and so far have not experienced any crazy setbacks!

Left pic was my last relaxer back in March 2011- right picture is my all natural hair 2 years later. Whats the difference? My natural hair is much thicker and has surpass the length of my relaxed hair!! Im loving this journey!!

My ultimate goal is Waist Length so i still have a long way to go- but I am, however, enjoying every stage of my hair growth!

*Entery was types via my iphone- sorry for any typos* Lol

Stay Blessed!- VannieC


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