Words can never express how I feel about my mother. She is my one and only idol, my solid rock. Mami gave up so much for me and my sisters, and I just want her to know how I highly appreciate all that she has done for us- and continues to do till this day.

You are one strong and beautiful woman. As a child I would always try on her big "tacos", strutting my stuff around the house acting like her. One day my older sister made me and my middle sister up. She grabbed all of mami's makeup and literally made us up. When I saw myself in the mirror I had wondered where did my sister go wrong? This is not how mami does her makeup! Her makeup and lipstick is pretty and here I am looking like a clown. Yani, you put way too much powder. My mother although she was into her makeup, she never put too much of it. Today I know why..... She is a natural beauty.

One thing about mami is she is such a forgiving being. No matter what anyone does to this woman she goes on with her life and she genuinely forgives those that have did her wrong. This was something she tried to instill in me and my sisters as we were growing up. She went on and on about forgiveness and I would be so upset with her because the more she forgave people the more people would do her wrong or take advantage of my dear mother :(

In my eyes she is as perfect as anyone could ever get. What would I ever do without my angel? Time and time again I think about events like that, in which she will no longer be here with me, and I get devastated even from the thought of it.

Simply what I want to say is that my mother did the best job any mother could ever do in raising 3 girls on her own. She showed us strength and love and for that we are the women that we are today. Committed and faithful, full of love, strength, and happiness. I owe it all to you mami.

God picked out the best woman ever to be my mother-
you are forever my favorite girl


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