Natural Beauty

2:30 PM

Make-up? I need none. I'm all natural Queen beauty

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  1. i know why ur happy happy for you 2 along with the rest of the thousand family members that you have jajja.ur anonnmous fan

  2. Hello annonymous fan! "you again" lol the
    thank you for your support! :-) yo se quien eres! hint hint!

  3. jajajaja dont care.the rest of the world willbrake their necks tryna figure it out.yes me again,you and ur extra old jokes.god has blessed u with a lifetime of happiness.k bueno es eso eh? i feel u bc im very happy wit my girls and the support of my mom which u know is no greater feeling than that.later and keep doing ur thing wit this blog its getting better by the min.guess who?ur annonimous fan lol

  4. I will keep u secret ;-) but thank you so much for ur continous love and support! It means a lot to get that from those that I truly love.

    Im also very happy to be sharing all of my life's happiness with you and all those that genuinely care about me.

    God bless you

  5. yeah bc u know its hard to find people who are truly happy for you.u have those that are happy in ur face n behind are wishing to have wat u have.ur true friend loka is ur mom and ur family.depue de eso i dont believe in no one.

  6. You are right about that! Certain people are not truly genuine- its so sad but so true. Ive said this time and time again, I do have great friends that support me in all I do and wish me well :-) so i am triple blessed. I do understand what u are saying though because I did come across a few fakes that smile in my face but in reality were wishing bad things upon me and as you may know, this people no longer exist in my life!


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