Stop! Gay Bashing

This topic makes me a bit upset.

In advance I want to warn you that some of the contents I write on this blog entry may not be suitable for children to read.

Who the hell are you to judge? Have you walked a mile in their shoes? A mile is nothing compare to a life time of taunting and people constantly ridiculing you. We all make decisions in life. Why must you judge someone because they prefer to be attracted by their same sex? We tend to say that the bible says this and the bible says that. You are a damn fool the bible says so many things that you constantly do wrong daily, providing your soul with sin. Yet, you wanna judge? And just when they feel that the whole world is against them......half of their blood want not part in their decision. I always thought blood was thick, but as the years go by I can see that blood is thinning out.

Whatever happened to support?
Whatever happened to loving someone unconditionally?

Here is my theory on some of you homo phobics. I believe that deep inside you are the same. For so long you have been hiding in that dark closet you forgot your own identity. Now you have been locked in your whole lifetime with a key that only you hold in hand. You are so concerned about what others think of you that you've derived all your attention to those that remind you so much of you. So much so, its like looking in the mirror. No? Well I think so.

And that's why you are bothered with those that are "gay", Lesbians" or "Bisexual". Why because you see them so open and comfortable with who they are. They scream it to the world with no fear of judgements or the "what will they do to me if they find out". They are themselves and that intimidates you. They have become a threat, you are so threatened that they will call you out for who you really are and not for what you pretend to be. Your mind automatically tells you to ridicule your own kind. It makes it more credible for people to believe that you are not of this kind. In the minds of others you are "straight" when you do this to them, taunting them in each step of your way. Laughing at them for their ways.

Just one day when you decided you would continue to play the role of being "straight" for the rest of your existence, Someone approached you. That person was of the same sex. It happened so fast I cant remember the in betweens of what had actually occurred. All I know is that person laid on the ground as the paramedics tried to arrive just in time so save his/her life. But it was too late. Now that person is no longer here and you are to serve the rest of your life in the penitentiary for this foolish act. You knew in your heart and soul that you were "gay" (lord, I hate that word), yet you wanted to hide it so well, you killed someone. Now your mind constantly asks you the "whys". Why kill that person when you felt the same passion for them as they did for you? Your mind is still playing tricks on you no? You can hear it say "but how the fuck was I gonna sleep with the same sex again?" I did it a few times, but my family and friends judged and did not accept me for who I am. I cant continue to not pleasing them, they are all I have. And how dare that person approach me in public in plain view of the world? Did that person not know any better? If it was in a dark alley just myself and him/her then things might have been different. I think I would've kiss him/her. Maybe even more. I'm sorry my love but I rather be locked away forever for murder than to have the whole world murder me for being me. For living with you a life of everlasting love. How could we ever live like that? People will judge us every chance they get! While others will stare and shake their heads.......

That's not the life I wanna live.
So he hangs himself in his cell after ten years of taunting himself about who he really is.
He thought maybe God can try again and make him/her like everyone else and be reborn again.

Please stop gay bashing.
Cant you all see what the fuck you are doing?
This can be your sister, brother, cousin, uncle, or aunt. How would you feel if people constantly judged the life they choose to live? What if they kill them for who they are or if they simply choose to commit suicide because they cant handle such situation any longer?

I am one of the few that supports "gays". I say be happy and always be you. Fuck the world and their opinion- fuck these sinners who act like they don't sin.


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