Where I wanna Be

Life is more than wonderful.
So often when someone asks us "how are you doing today", our immediate response is "I'm doing good". Even if things are not going good we are quickly programmed to say that it is. Today I can say "life is good, I'm good, and will continue to do even better as the days go by". I cant stop smiling, I can stop loving my life even as I sit here and tell you that I've had a very bumpy road in the past. I no longer choose to live in the past. I live in the presence of today and when morrow comes, I will take care of it when it arrives.

We are always afraid to be judged if we utter his name, but I proudly say that I thank my good God for all that he has done for me and my family. That the bumpy road has turned into something  smooth, and relaxing. These are only a few things that start to settle into your life once you have accepted God in its totality. You cant just believe in God, you have to feel God and praise him/her everyday with every breath you take. You can not believe that his words are of theory or myth, you MUST believe that his word is the only truth expressed in human form.

I have a purpose here in life. While most of us "watch" the show, I am part of the main spectacle. I no longer sit and watch other people live their lives, I have a life of my own to live. Once I started living it I can scream how good life is, and how good its always been to me- I've just been too busy with the remote watching other people's lives and flipping through other channels and not watching MY movie.

This is where I wanna be, where I always longed to be! I'm finally here. God, you never did lie to me- not once have you deceive me! All that you said you would do for me is taking place right now, today!!! You amaze me.......

I don't wanna tell people how to live their lives, but I can give you this advice:

If things aren't going the way you have always wanted it to go
then reach out to the good lord and ask for guidance. Ask for help, for the task that he has placed upon you for completion is way too much for you to handle on your own. Don't just believe in God, welcome him/her into everything that you do, allow him in your every thought and carry him in all your life's memory!!

Also, forgive those that have done you wrong. Don't you dare wish any harm to your enemies, instead enrich your soul with forgiveness and pray for them. They know no better in the hurt that they have done to your soul, these are the foolish men and women of this world. Leave them up to God, he always knows what to do with that kind. Place no judgements, because the ones that you place on others will only come back to haunt you, then you will wonder why? Worry about Karma no more, today you are a new person. With a huge smile even clowns cant compete..... Lord I thank you for choosing me. Right here, right now is where I wanna be.......

Vannie Cambridge


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