Look at what I found

I'm not sure how many of you have a secret box....
Well, I do. And in it I have memories for days. Pictures, letters, cards, certificates, etc.

Today I decided to snoop a little just so I can relive a few of my wonderful memories and I found this drawing that I drew back when I was in JHS. Lol
It was not traced, in case you are wondering. I remember how much my mother used to love this drawing and would brag to her friends about how artistic I was. Which at the time I did not agree. I used to draw out of being bored. It was my little escape. For years this drawing was on my bedroom door. I'm thankful and I do acknowledge my sister's support because they never complained nor did they ever feel out of the loop because I was the only one that would always express myself through drawing, singing, or writing. They just let me be! Today I am not much of a fan of drawing as I used to be but when something is in you, there is no way it could ever escape. So, I'm pretty sure its still there. Which in fact it is cause I always sketch out fashion designs. So many memories in just one single drawing. Amazing. I did enhance it a bit with photoshop because the paper is a bit torn and yellow (which you can detect even in this pic). But I love it. I was so young always into something creative. Never wasted time- No boys, no BS. Just me being me and enjoying myself on my spare time. Just had to share this with you all (my family and friends)


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