My transition thus far!!!

I am really enjoying this journey! I thought it would be hard and annoying but once I got the hang of it (which did not take long) I was amazed at the results!!!

My hair has gotten thicker! Amazing how just last month I trimmed to help me focus on my transition and now I am back at the length that I was before I cut my hair, just late last month! This is amazing. I can't stress enough how hairfinity has helped me with this journey, in so many ways! So I am thankful to have found a product that works best for ME!

Here are my current results:

This is beautiful to me!!! I have not been focusing much on length because I am transitioning so eventually all of my relaxed hair will be chopped off at one point in time. But when I took a lil peek at my hair today and saw the following I was in awe. Its much thicker, and may I add, healthier. Gosh, especially when I reminisce on how bad my hair was when it fell out in late November 2010! It was a very gruesome sight! Lol.

I have not applied any heat what so ever in my hair for 3 months and counting! I have said good bye heat! Heat has done me no good favors so I have ditched out on my blow dryer and my flat iron! I am sure this has helped me a whole lot as well.........

So always keep in mind to have techniques that works best for you. Daily moisturizer is a must especially with my hair type. My hair eats up all the moisture and moisture has helped me a whole lot with my transitioning and allowing my hair to be more manageable! So ladies and gents, MOISTURE that hair everyday sweeties :) It makes a huge difference, believe me. I have also noticed that before I embarked in this hair journey my hair would always be out or loose. This is not a healthy technique for the hair since your hair is constantly rubbing on your clothes, which is the major reason why most of us experience split ends! I am now used to maintaining my hair in a bun 99% of the time. The other 1% is when I am washing my hair or moisturizing, but my ends are always concealed and protected. And if you are looking to retain length you must find a protective style that best fits you. Otherwise you will be seated at the salon having them do a major trim, which will lead you to being stuck at whatever length you are now!

Please note that I am NOT claiming to be an expert. I am solely pointing out what has worked for me and the majority of other sistas that have gain ridiculous length in their hair journey. Always stick to what works for you. Its all about trial and error- if you see that a particular technique works for me but may not be suitable for you, you must move on and try something different. There is no such thing as having the same regimen as someone else....because in the end our hair and bodies react very different so, that would be some what useless to try and go by someone else's hair care regimen. By the way, I also keep a hair journal and document it all- its so helpful.

Will keep updating you all


  1. i don't like my frizzy hair too. :( planning to have it rebond.

  2. That's great that it worked out for you :D
    Nice blog sweetie <3 Hope you check out & follow mine!


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