Transitioning can be loads of fun!

The farther I am into my transition the more creative I am becoming with hairstyling. I am mostly obsessed with buns. While I do braid outs and pin curls- buns in my opinion is fastest and easiest and can be loads of fun if you get creative.

I am still inspired by a lot of naturals, including my sister who has very beautiful textured hair! I wonder why I did not listen to her when she told me years ago to transition to natural. Oh well, everything has its timing. I was not ready back then but now I am going full force. I really can say that I am loving this experience. I am learning a lot. Today I saw more curls pop out of my head! I am IN LOVE with my natural hair. It makes me feel so anxious to see it fully natural. But since I am a huge punk at BCin I will just have to wait it out.

Ive also (starting today) decided not to hair type my hair. Who cares what hair texture you are? While I use to want to know, today I asked myself why? God gave me whatever he gave me and I'm going to love every single strand that pops out of my head! Watch me!!!! God made me beautiful and I have long ago accepted all of my uniqueness.........So no hair typing for me (although I do know my hair type). Before I have you wondering what I actually mean is that I WILL NOT be pointing it out-or if anyone asks me I will not bother to answer such question. Hair typing is a bit pointless to me so I will not be participating in that. My own quote for my hair, "My hair cannot and will NOT be defined!"

Upon washing my hair this AM I came across my beautiful curl patterns. This is what  I saw:

I can see how much my hair grew based on those relaxed ends hanging on for dear life! I mean, once my hair is fully dried it blends in well, so it really does not look as thin.Example:

BTW all the pics in this post were the same day!
But sometimes looking at those relaxed ends, and how thin they are when my hair is completely wet makes me want to chop it off early. But I have decided to give it some more time because I love having length. So lets see what will happen six months into my transition. I will know when I am ready and I will most definitely share my experience with you all :)


  1. when I saw your post, transitioning is so funn, I almost feel off my sofa. No, something is wrong with the girl i said. so i clicked on over. ANSWER: you have a nice grade of hair. I was wondering what kind of bun you was wearing. Your hair looks to be a softer grade than most relaxed ladies that go natural like myself. hair very thick, not kinky but thicko. anyway, this month is one year for me. i almost freaked as i notice my relaxed hair falling off. i was a bit nervous at first. thinking something was wrong. I even thought i was going to be bald and kept looking and searching my head daily. I'm cool now. Now its learning styles that got me stuck.

  2. Lol. Did you not enjoy your transition? I really am enjoying it! A few posts down you can see my "special bun" that I love to rock! I have more styles that I will load up soon.........

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!!!!! :)


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