My mini chop (7-12-11)


That's how I feel! I feel great! And loving the new cut! Decided to do my mini chop after staring at my dead ends after my pre-poo today! I hated the way my ends looked and decided to finally make a bold move! I don't regret a thing! My new growth is already much easier to manage so my transition is going to be a smoother ride than what it already was.

Thanking the hubby for his support, which by the way is also loving the cut. Also, all those that are following me on this journey! I feel so blessed.

Here is a Lil sneak peek on my mini chop. Video coming real soon:

Beauty cant be defined by hair alone. If a person is beautiful they are beautiful, natural, relaxed, long hair, short hair, bold, whatever..........

I feel no different now than before I cut my hair. I still feel beautiful :)
I don't need to have long hair to define my persona. I am who I am and although my hair has never been short, now it is and it feels so awesome!!! yay for me!!!!

My hubby video taped me doing the cut, will upload the video real soon.


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