Why do most women snoop through their man's belongings?


  1. to keep them on their toes, but at the end of the day, you always know what u have and they do the same thing

  2. WHAT? I don't get what you are saying! I don't snoop through my husband's belongings and he does not either!!!

  3. ur blog says why do most woman snoop?my response is maybe they do it to keep their men on their toes, im guessing sincce the guy knows hes being watch he'd be more careful.but if the guy is gonna do something hes gonna doit regardless.i used to check butnot anymore.he tells me everything and things i didnt want to know jijiiji

  4. Lol. Ok! Thank goodness I do not participate in snooping. It says a lot about the relationship- Communication is the key. How could you have a healthy relationship with anyone if you are sneaking through someone's belongings? Ugh!!! I would hate it if that was done to me so I DO NOT do it to anyone!

  5. I think most women snoop because they just don't trust their bf/man/husband. My gf who is my fiance is snooping through my phone, questioning me on almost every phone call. I mean I jealous, but I don't go snooping through her things. I have already given her my password for my emails, and social networks, plus for my phone. Shouldn't that be enough not to snoop?????????? I need help to deal with this!!!!


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