My perfect protective hairstyle!

This is the perfect protective style for my transitioning hair. I originally cornrowed my hair to do a simple braid out. For some reason a decided to cornrow the front in style just in case a came up with some kind of protective style that did not particularly have to involve a full braid out.

The very first day I did my braid out but left the front undone. Due to the extreme humidity my braid out simply lasted one day. The very next day I was not comfortable with rocking my braid out so I wanted to think of a style that can be quick and easy to do without having to co-wash my hair and cornrow all over again. I mean, it was only day 2. After trying a few styles (that I was not satisfied with) I finally found one that was cute and simple and took no longer than 3 minutes to do..........

 I have been rocking this particular style for 4 days now. Talk about low manipulation (Lol) I am sticking to this style because it lasts a pretty decent amount of time. Tomorrow is one of my wash days, still I can go as far as 1 week with this style if I wanted to. But due to the fact that I co-wash my hair 2x's in 1 week that will not be possible. Here is how I was able to achieve this simple hairstyle:

First I co-washed my hair with  Suave Strawberry moisturizing conditioner
Followed by applying my Alter ego garlic deep conditioner (1hr-no heat)
Rinsed out my DC- proceeded to apply my Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioner.
I allowed my hair to air dry about 60% before applying my ORS Olive oil lotion (for moisture)

Once my hair was fully dry I proceeded to cornrow my hair. I allowed my hair to stay in braids until the following day. This is when I rocked my braid out. On day two I sectioned my hair in two and twisted each section in an up do style. I added a few colorful head bands to add "style" to my hair, and my hair has been in this style ever since. 4 days now and I am loving the fact that I do not have to play in my hair or do anything as far as styling goes.

This is definitely my favorite transitioning style so far. I really love trying new styles in my hair. Back when I was relaxed my only style was really blowouts. I never really styled my hair. So I guess I was just a plain Jane then. To be able to see the many styles that one can do with hair is simply amazing to me. Cant wait to keep learning some more new styles.



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