My 6 months transitioning hair

I am too excited! I am really enjoying this journey- Have learned so much from the time my hair fell out till now. Never had I imagined that I would ever want to transition my hair back to its natural state. As much as my big sister used to harass me about going natural, I never felt ready then. I was so stuck on relaxing my hair and maintaining a straight look.

Today is a totally different story! I am almost, if not, obsessed with my natural texture and curl pattern. I just cant wait to get rid of my relaxed ends. I shocked myself when I did my mini chop because I was always stuck on length and wanting to always achieve more length- But life, as it proves, has many surprises in store for us. Lets make sure we never say never cause we really never know. I really enjoy my cut and the fact that I can still do braid outs, twist outs and pin curls on my short hair makes me all the more excited.

Every time I wash my hair I always stare at the scissors! Wanting to just rid off all my relaxed ends. But in all honestly, I do not want to rock a TWA! As beautiful as it may look on other women, I'm very unsure if that's a style that I would want to rock. I have decided to stick it out some more until I achieve a longer length of natural hair. I do not want to give myself a time frame, just want to pay attention to my hair and care for it so it can be healthy overall.

Here is a mini clip of my hair from when I was relaxed till now:


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