Master cleansing diet!!!

I will start the master cleansing diet this coming Monday!!!
I have done this diet before (about 3 years ago) and the results were more than marvelous!!!

I will also be going back to being a vegetarian! As good as meat can taste, I have a little secret, I'm a bit disgusted by it. So after doing the master cleansing diet I will eliminate all meat (cold turkey like I have done in the past).

I'm so excited and happy that my sister is also going to be doing the diet with me!!!
I will document it all on my YouTube channel and here on my blog so you all can get a feel on the ups and downs!!!!

2 weeks with NO FOOD O_0


  1. it is truly wonderful diet. i also did it and felt very revived. its the diet that beyonce went on two her and her camel looking boyfriend.


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