My big a** bush (Update)

I am no longer in great control of my hair. It wants to do what it wants to do when it wants to. But who ever said transitioning to natural would be a regular walk in the park? If this is your idea of transition, then this may not be for you. One must have a great amount of patience and accept that it is inevitable to experience breakage due to the two textures.

Now that I am approaching month 7, I must say it is the hardest and most challenging but in no way does my mind enter the thought of ever relaxing again. Relaxer days are so over!!!!! My really thin relaxed hair would take me anywhere between 3-5 minutes tops to detangle, Now? 40 minutes easy!!! See why you must practice patience? I have learned that once I achieve my fully natural hair I will no longer just be able to comb and walk right out the door.............. Natural hair requires more time and dedication.

I am enjoying my transition. To be able to finally experience my hair's full potential is what excites me the most. My hair is super thick now- and every time I see my curls in the shower I get all the more excited. It's like getting to know me all over again. I have not seen my natural texture since I was 8yrs old. This transition is only preparing me for what is to really come once I am fully natural!!!!

Here is my hair when I did my mini chop back in July 12, 2011:
Here is my hair as of September 5 2011:
My growth at 6 months post relaxer:

I don't think I am in love, I KNOW I am in in love with my God given hair. My only frustration is thinking, "Why the heck did I not do this sooner?" But as we all know, everything happens for a reason. I am not knocking my relaxer days nor am I trying to bring down anyone that still chooses to relax their hair. It is all in the matter of one's preference. I have seen a lot of women with relaxed, thick, long and healthy hair. So in that case I would not have thought of transitioning. My case was slightly different, my hair was always thin relaxed (with the exception of 1 time that my mother nourished it and it just blossomed like never before, it was really thick then). I was also tired of the every 8 weeks relaxer and sometimes burn to the scalp! Ugh....... I am so happy I don't have to experience that anymore. Now all I do is wash my hair and watch it grow, how easy is that? ;-) 
I am pushing for maybe February of 2012 to be fully natural.......lets see what happens. I would not be shocked if I chop it all off before then. I like to surprise myself sometimes. Someone was curious to know how much hair I am losing when I detangle my hair. I would say not much at all. I make sure my hair is moisturized daily so I don't have to experience excessive breakage. Breakage is the biggest challenge during a transition to natural hair but I have minimized it by moisturizing with Organic Root stimulator Olive oil lotion and sealing my ends with Castor oil. 
Here is a pic of the hair that came out last night after I had fully finished detangling this bush of mine:

Not bad eh? I have heard and seen horror stories of women who lose way too much hair while detangling daily. If that was ever the case with me I would just chop it off and rock a TWA even if I hated it. You don't ever want to start your journey on the wrong foot- long term transitioning may not be for everyone! Losing way too much hair daily is a great indication that one should BC sooner than later. It would not make sense to want to go natural because you want thicker and healthier hair but wind up breaking most of your natural hair along the way, which will leave you with thin and unhealthy natural hair. So please consider that if you are planning to transition. And good luck to everyone that is on a hair journey. May we all achieve what we have always longed for!


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