My twitter has been hacked!!! EEEKKK (LOL)

So today I find out that my twitter was hacked! It was a hot mess.........lmao

I can honestly say that I don't give a hoot, simply because I do not use any Internet account as my personal diary like most of you do. I don't write anything that I do not want others to know or anything extremely private. Whoever hacked my account will be highly disappointed to see that my twitter is pretty dull and with no real excitement. Hackers actually make me laugh because it shows me how bored another person's life can be that they can spend hours sitting by their computer trying to figure out this whole Internet game and really hack into someone else's account! Is your life that wack? I believe it is...........

FIND A NEW HOBBY. And on that note whoever hacked me can keep my account. I will NOT change my password or any of that silly stuff. I don't give a fuck about twitter nor do I give a fuck about FB or any Internet site. As long as my my bank account is never hacked I'm good. Cause two things I don't play with is my husband and my money! Copy?

:) *titua*


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